Tuesdays With Dorie: Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

I made this on a big baking and food day. I had been to my favorite blueberry farm to pick berries–I got 8 lbs. when I got home, I immediately threw together the dough for a batch of challah and then got to work on this cake.

It looked for baby cake pans, but couldn’t find any, so I decided to make it in my largest spring form pan–which is almost 11 inches across. And it worked out perfectly.

I made the caramel poured it into the bottom of the pan and then carefully laid the sliced rhubarb in concentric circles inside the pan. I set it aside and got to work on the cake.

The recipe makes sure tell the baker to cream the butter and sugar together for much longer than I normally would. Clearly, the next time I cream butter and sugar together, I’ll be doing it for much longer. I added the eggs and vanilla, and then I folded in the flour and sour cream. By the way, I used King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour in this recipe–you could NOT tell, but it did make me feel a little less guilty when I had a slice for breakfast.

I carefully put it in the pan over the caramel and rhubarb, and into the oven it went. Not difficult at all. About 50 minutes later, it came out of the oven and I upended it on a rack over a plate and then put it on my favorite cake plate.

i’ve never eaten anything with rhubarb before, and I’m sorry that it took 38 years for me to get my first taste. It was delicious. The cake was perfect, and the rhubarb gave a slightly tart flavor to the topping.
I know the next picture is blurry, but I had to put it in the post. When Dorothy heard that this was an ‘upside down’ cake, she turned it over, so the caramel was on the plate and only ate the cake. Foolish child–she left the best part behind! Not to worry, David and I were happy to finish it for her
UntitledThis recipe is hosted by When in Doubt, Leave it at 350, and also be sure to check out the Leave Your Link post at Tuesdays With Dorie. I know there will be lots of delicious examples from my fellow bakers.

19 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Dorie: Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

  1. That is so true – the next time I make a cake I will be creaming the butter and sugar longer as this really did turn out great.
    Glad you liked it!

    • I couldn’t believe I’ve been cooking and baking so long and didn’t know that. I made some cookies this afternoon and made sure to cream the butter and sugar much better than I usually do!

  2. Your cake looks just perfect, rhubarb is fun isn’t it. I thought you were going to make it with blueberries–which would be excellent I think. Yummy cake indeed.

    • it didn’t even occur to me to make it with blueberries! I picked about 15 lbs and froze most of it for future baking and eating frozen berries throughout the year

  3. This was a delicious cake! Will make again for sure – maybe with mango next time. I need to get into the habit of freezing; how nice it would be to have delicious blueberries throughout the year.

  4. Mmm, freshly picked blueberries… So jealous! Your cake looks delicious. I love that we both did the concentric circles of rhubarb – why? We could have just dumped them in and it would have been fine. But that is me – gotta be organized…

      • I actually didn’t start running until my twins were about 18 months old, so I can’t help much in that department. But…if you’re on Facebook, the ‘another mother runner’ page is a wealth of information and support. I wouldn’t start anything until your dr says you’re good to go. And then I’d start super slow. It’s major abdominal surgery!!!
        How many weeks out are you?
        Good luck with your recovery!

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