Tuesdays With Dorie: Best Ever Brownies

This weeks assignment was to make brownies. The recipe can be found on page 331 of Baking With Julia

When I make brownies I like them to be easy, and maybe only use one bowl. I never bake from a mix, but when it comes to brownies, I like them easy. And dense. And incredibly chocolately. These were not easy, nor dense.

This recipe used no less than 3 bowls plus a fine-mesh strainer that I use for sifting. One bowl for the flour, one bowl to melt the chocolate in, and one bowl to mix up the eggs and sugar.

I melted the chocolate and butter in a bowl set atop a pot with some water in it.
It melted and then I added some sugar and took it off the heat
Then I whisked together the eggs and sugar and whisked half of that into the chocolate
Then I whisked the remaining eggs and sugar until they doubled in volume and folded them into the chocolate
And then I folded in the flour. I licked the bowl
And finally they went into the oven
And I brought them to my bunco group on Monday night. Nobody complained, but everybody knew that I’ve done better

I probably won’t be making these again any time soon. But, check out our host for the week, a Beautiful Mess, it looks like she got the beautiful, fudgy brownies I was looking for, she’s got the recipe posted on her site. Also, take a look at our leave your link page to see how other people did it.


11 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Dorie: Best Ever Brownies

  1. I agree, I like brownies to be easy too…..and they really should be. The whole egg and sugar thing baffled me the way it was written. I thought the brownies had a good flavour, but didn’t care for the gooey texture. I prefer my Baked Brownies.

  2. So many of the recipes in this book have turned out to be “fussy.” I almost took a picture of all the dishes this one made! But I thought the end result was a nice balance — not too rich, not to wet (since I way overbaked them). Not to “over the top,” which was a pleasant relief from most brownie recipes I’ve tried. But then again, if I liked chocolate more I think I could have been disappointed.

  3. I also agree that brownies should be easy! And simple. I dirtied more dishes with this recipe than I did while making dinner that night. I liked these brownies, but I’m not sure if I’d want to make them again, unless someone requested them for a special event or something. Even then, I think I can do better!

  4. MIne were cake-like too! I followed the recipe exactly- I think I overbaked them. I am going to try them again since so many people had theirs come out gooey and nice.

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