I think I was in graduate school the first time I ate tzaziki. I was hooked immediately. I even went out and bought two yogurt strainers, because 1997 was before they sold Greek yogurt, and if you wanted to make tzaziki, the first step was to strain the yogurt to make it thick. So you had to plan ahead. Not anymore. Greek yogurt makes this a super easy thing to make.

And you know how healthy Greek yogurt is, right? It is PACKED with protein! Untitled
Choose cucumbers that you don’t mind eating the peel. I like Kirby or English/hot house cukes. Grate and then squeeze as much liquid as you can from them. I put mine on a kitchen towel and twist. Untitled
Toss all the ingredients together in a bowl and stir. Its that easy. In five minutes you can have lunch. Or a dip for a party. Or a savory breakfast. It would not be difficult for me to find an excuse to eat this at every meal.
Today I put it on a huge mound of salad greens and called it salad dressing
This isn’t a recipe as much as its a formula, you can add or subtract as you and your taste buds see fit.

Greek yogurt (I like lowfat)
Grated and drained cucumber
Lemon juice

Mix together in a bowl. It will last for several days in the refrigerator. If it collects some water on the top, just stir it back together. No worries!

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