Tuesdays with dorie: Hazelnut Biscotti

This week’s assignmnet was to make Hazelnut Biscotti, page 315 in the book. Its a pretty easy thing to make, not unlike the mandel bread that I’ve been making for years…which reminds me, I need to find a reason to make that again. yummmm

Back to the topic at hand…hazelnut biscotti. The only change I made to the recipe was to replace 1/3 cup of the flour with 1/3 cup of cocoa. I love the hazelnut/chocolate flavor of nutella or Gianduja  and everything else hazelnut + chocolate. I figured it couldn’t turn out too badly.

The ‘hardest’ part of making these was toasting and then rubbing the skins off the hazelnuts. Dorothy helped with that part and even though she kept on saying how much she doesn’t like nuts, she tasted one, and then another. I guess they weren’t too bad.

They got chopped up and added to the eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa, vanilla extract and baking soda. Dorothy thought that the eggs looked like a face. Could be the influence of the googly eyes I bought as part of our craft closet update/upgrade.

Dorothy was the designated photographer, so here you can see me stirring the hazelnuts into the chocolate dough:
and shaping the dough into logs:
Having wet hands for that part really helped. I popped the dough into the oven for precisely 35 minutes, as directed by Alice Medrich. they came out of the oven and cooled for 10 minutes and then I sliced them, and back into the oven they went. Putting them on a cooling rack for this part was very smart…I thought, because then you don’t have to flip them. While they baked for the 2nd time, I snacked on the scraps. They were good.
And out they came from the oven. Dorothy tasted them and said they were very hard. Which they are. David had one too, and he said they were good. I’ll probably send a bunch with him to work tomorrow.

For more biscotti goodness, you should check out our hosts for the week: Homemade and Wholesome and Baking and Boys! There will be lots of hazelnutty goodness at the Tuesdays with Dorie page, the LYL (leave your link) post will have everyone’s results, which I’m sure will be beautiful and delicious.

4 thoughts on “Tuesdays with dorie: Hazelnut Biscotti

  1. Snacking on the log ends when drying the rest of the biscotti is a thing that I always tend to do 🙂 Chocolate and hazelnuts is one of my favorite combos!

  2. I like that you went the chocolate route, Amy. After all, this was an alice Medrich recipe, after all. Melissa, my daughter, and I made these together last week and she will be posting out results this Tuesday (we got permission). I’m afraid ours were a bit hard and dry. I have better luck with mandel bread! Thank you for your lovely comment regarding Michael on my Blog.

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