Possibly the ugliest rugelach ever. Baking with Julia/Tuesdays with Dorie

The first assignment for March was to make rugelach, which can be found on page 325-327 in the book. This is a serious buttery pastry–with 3 sticks of butter and 12 ounces of cream cheese (I used neufchatel) and only 3 cups of flour, and a tiny amount of sugar. TINY, I tell you. I had concerns about how it would roll out.

I made the filling early in the week, apricot and prune lekvar. and it was easy and TASTY. Hard to not eat it by the spoonful. But, since the goal here is to not gain weight, I held myself back from devouring the filling. I didn’t use the apricot–I’m saving that for hamantashen baking later this week.

I made the dough on Wednesday–unfortunately I didn’t take a single picture of the process.

On thursday I mixed up the nuts/cinnamon/sugar for the additional filling, and the brown sugar/white sugar/cinnamon for the topping. and then rolled it all together.

photo photo

this made a lot of the cinnamon/nut/sugar mixture. so much so, that I have probably about 1 1/2 cups left over. I think I’ll make ‘angela’s sour cream coffee cake’ soon. don’t worry, I’ll share the recipe. I promise.

after mixing all of that together, it was time to get the dough rolling. I was concerned that since its starting to get hot here that I’d have serious problems with the dough. I turned on the AC, closed the windows and put a sheet pan filled with ice on my counter where I planned to do the work. it might have been overkill, but I was totally okay with that.


my marble chilled down, and held the cold well.


I need to improve on my dough-rolling skills. my edges were very ragged and not good at all. my rugelach varied greatly in size because in some places it was wider than others, so some had a better roll than others. I think I need to be more precise in how I get the dough into the fridge. I can’t haparzadly put the dough into a ‘rectangle’ it needs to be squared off and evenly flattened out. Must practice this.


I filled and rolled and bathed them in an eggwash. Then I sliced the ‘log’ into individual pastries, and tossed them into a brown sugar/cinnamon/sugar mixture. yum! I did that four times and I got approximately 4 dozen pastries, just as the recipe said I would.

And then they got baked. Here’s the finished product:


They surely weren’t the beautiful bakery rugelach that I grew up with, but those rugelach never tasted quite as good as these! I gave a few to Dorothy’s kindergarden teacher on friday morning, and she was very excited about them. And I brought about 2 dozen to a pot-luck Shabbat dinner at my synaogue on friday evening. Everyone who had one said they were amazing. We still have a few left at home that I might put into the freezer–or I might be tempted to eat them all myself!

This week’s recipe has two hosts: Margaret, of the Urban Hiker and Jessica, of My Baking Heart, and both of them will past the recipe. You can also see the hundreds–yes, hundreds–of other bakers’ work at Tuesdays With Dorie. There will be a LYL (leave your link) post for the Rugelach, and we will all post a link to our blogs there.

Stay tuned, my next TWD/BWJ assignment is Irish Soda Bread, which is something that I’ve never eaten before. and also my own hamantashen baking for Purim this week.

Since my last TWD/BWJ post I’ve run 21 miles

18 thoughts on “Possibly the ugliest rugelach ever. Baking with Julia/Tuesdays with Dorie

  1. I love your idea of the ice cubes in the cookie sheet to chill the rolling area! My dough got sticky…guess I took to long to fill and roll ha ha! Good Job!

  2. The ice cube idea is brilliant! Yours would definitely win in a beauty contest against mine — mine had a total fit in the oven and just gave up 😀

  3. These are not the ugliest rugelach ever – my first rugelach attempt from this recipe was! I don’t have the pictures to prove it but just trust me, lol.

  4. I too need to work on rolling out dough. I had ragged edges as well. I trimmed them, rolled the dough in the sugar mix and baked it up. Hmmm…on second thought, maybe I like my ragged edges.

  5. They were delicious! Mine too came apart while baking. Next time, yes, there will be a next time I’m sure; I’ll pinch the dough closed so they will not come apart while baking.

    • Thank you! I’m in St. Petersburg, FL, and the morning I rolled them out, my house was almost 80 degrees, so I relented and turned on the AC and took the drastic ice-on-the-countertop maneuver.

  6. man, the more I read about how everyone loved it, I feel like I should give it another shot… I burnt mine all to heck and never got to eat it and it was rather time consuming for me… ugh. great job on yours though!

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